Transcending Beethoven Volume 1

39,95 inc. Vat

An original approach to Ludwig van Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Opus 28 “Pastorale”

StarkLinnemann transform Beethoven’s music into the sound language of the 21st century. The musical core, the “soul” of the work, remains recognizable while absorbing inventive rhythms and modern harmonies. In the spirit of the innovator Beethoven, adventurous improvisations cannot be missed and are skillfully performed by the StarkLinnemann Trio.


Artists on recording  

StarkLinnemann Trio  

Paul Stark piano, re-composition  

Maciej Domaradzki double bass  

Jonas Linnemann drums, percussion, re-composition  

Release Date  

17 December 2020  

Track Listing  

01 | Piano Sonata No.15 D Major Op.28 First Movement L.v.Beethoven / P. Stark 

02 | Piano Sonata No.15 D Major Op.28 Second Movement L.v.Beethoven / P. Stark 

03 | Piano Sonata No.15 D Major Op.28 Third Movement L.v.Beethoven / P. Stark 

04 | Piano Sonata No.15 D Major Op.28 Fourth Movement L.v.Beethoven / P. Stark / J.  Linnemann