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Welcome to the UCM-records® online store.

  • Buying the CD’s here, directly from the source, will support the artist to continue creating the music that you love.
  • All CD’s on UCM-records are mixed and mastered in the highest quality at the famous Bauer Studios® in Germany.
  • All releases are pressed in limited edition.
  • By purchasing CD’s you own something truly unique in regard to the music, audio quality and cover artwork.
  • UCM-records is a company run by the artists StarkLinnemann who make the music, produce the records and design the cover artwork.
  • The albums from the UCM-records catalogue make great gifts for your friends and family too.
  • All product prices are including VAT and international shipping.
  • Gratuities for service are welcome.
  • Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your order.

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