Starklinnemann Quintet, Vasilis Stefanopoulos, Paul Stark, Jonas Linnemann, Iman Spaargaren


The UCM-Records catalogue offers 5 titles of high quality recordings.

These artists offer timeless classical masterpieces transformed into coherent and moving modern jazz compositions.

Currently UCM-Records is working for StarkLinnemann exclusively.

Click on the links below to find out more about the Universal Crossover Music Records exclusive catalogue.

UCM01 - Paul Stark Trio - Sonata

UCM02 - StarkLinnemann Quintet - Awake

UCM03 - StarkLinnemann Trio - Transcending Chopin Volume 1

UCM04 - StarkLinnemann Trio & Quartet - Transcending Chopin Volume 2&3

UCM05 - StarkLinnemann Quartet - Pictures at an Exhibition